Mandatory Use of Neck Guards Announced

The SJHL is taking a cue from the WHL.

The Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL), responsible for overseeing the SJHL and eight other junior A hockey leagues in Canada, has issued a mandate requiring the use of neck guards for all on-ice activities, including games and practices.

This mandate applies to all 122 teams within the CJHL, including the 12 teams in the SJHL.

The Weyburn Red Wings, on Thursday, announced their decision for players to start wearing neck guards in addition to the cut-resistant shirts they already wear.

The WHL made neck guards mandatory in response to the tragic incident involving former NHL defenseman Adam Johnson, who suffered a fatal neck injury from a skate blade during a recent game in England.

The Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) and its Board of Governors issued the following statement on Friday regarding the use of neck guards:

“Effective immediately, the use of certified protective neck guards during all on-ice activities, including games and practices, for each of its 122 teams, has now become mandatory, based on equipment availability.”

This decision received unanimous approval from all nine CJHL-member leagues.

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