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It’s Science!

Through the month of October, we learned about various scientific principals, chemical reactions and natural cycles. We started the month by making Rubber Eggs! This was a longer experiment as the eggs had to sit in vinegar for more than 24 hours before the shell dissolved, and the egg became rubbery! These eggs were fun for some and kind of weird for others. Next we created oobleck and discussed its unique ability to be a liquid and a solid. It was also just fun to play with!! Along with creating the oobleck, we read Oobleck by Dr. Seuss.

Next, we made a second attempt at the Magic No Leak Bag experiment as when we tried it in September we did not succeed. It was interesting to see how we found success dependent on the size and fullness of the bags and the length and sharpness of the pencils.

Our final experiment of the month was making our own rain clouds to see part of how the water cycle works.

We are always looking for simple but interesting experiments to learn about the world around us. If you have any ideas, please share with us! Email Regan at westcentralpa@hotmail.com

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