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$50M Worth of Meth Seized at Manitoba Border

The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) recently made a monumental narcotics bust at the Manitoba border, marking the largest drug seizure in Prairie history and one of the largest at any Canadian land border.

On Wednesday, CBSA officers revealed the confiscation of 406 kilograms of methamphetamine, valued over $50 million, from a commercial truck.

The discovery included four million doses of methamphetamine, packed in 200 bags and concealed in large suitcases within a semi-trailer headed to Winnipeg. The interception occurred at the Boissevain border crossing in southern Manitoba on January 14.

The 29-year-old truck driver, the only person in the vehicle, was apprehended and faces charges of methamphetamine importation and possession of a controlled substance for trafficking purposes. He is due in court on February 1.

Ken MacGregor, CBSA’s chief of operations, explained that specific indicators led them to inspect the truck more closely, leading to the discovery of the narcotics in several large suitcases.

According to Insp. Telus of the Manitoba RCMP, the truck, associated with a Manitoba commercial trucking company, originated from the United States, arriving at the border around 10 p.m. The police suspect the drugs were intended for distribution across Manitoba and possibly throughout Western Canada and Ontario, with links to organized crime.

Telus emphasized the significance of this seizure, citing its potential to reduce violence in communities where gangs and crime networks vie for control over drug distribution. He noted that such a large drug haul and its subsequent distribution are often associated with increased violence in communities.

The investigation is challenging, as it is being conducted in reverse order. Usually, investigations lead to seizures, but in this case, authorities are trying to trace back the origin and intended distribution of the seized drugs.

MacGregor highlighted the increasing frequency of drug discoveries at the border, with the CBSA actively adapting to new patterns and trends to intercept such shipments effectively.

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