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New Owner for The Hotroom Yoga Studio

Natalie Down has been a part of The Hotroom Yoga Studio for the past 10 years and is honored to be its new owner. “Thank you to Michélè Heath for creating and establishing the core values of this studio. It is something that cannot easily be recreated. She took a leap in starting the studio, something for which I will be forever grateful,” Natalie shared.

Natalie began her practice almost 20 years ago. She started for the physical aspect of yoga as a great way to work out. During this time, she began to see a deeper connection and alignment that it brought her. This is something she hopes to bring to others in the community.

Whatever your reasons for considering yoga and regardless of your experience, there is a class for everyone. “At The Hotroom, we strive to create a space that is welcoming and inclusive; yoga is for everyBODY,” Natalie shared. “I would like to thank all the students who have come to the studio for the last 10 years, making The Hotroom possible.” She also recognizes that all students come with their own story, journey, and reasons for coming through the doors. “Yoga isn’t about doing the perfect pose or getting into the perfect pose. Yoga is about reentering the same pose or situation in life and having a completely different experience. Not because things have changed but because YOU have changed!”

The Hotroom offers blended yoga classes, heated and unheated classes, barre, Pilates, and other strength classes. For descriptions of each class, please see the website, To book into a class, you need to download the app, the hot room.

The schedule is posted a week at a time and usually differs from week to week. This allows students to try different classes if only certain time slots work for their schedule. There currently are no sessions, meaning there is no commitment—come when it works for your schedule. No two classes are ever the same, allowing you to consistently grow and challenge your practice.

Natalie encourages people to give themselves one hour out of their busy lives to take a break from the chaos of the outside world. “The studio really does feel like home for everyone who comes. Come as you are, feel the magic that is yoga. It’s restorative, healing, and brings peace and calm.”

So, if you are looking for something new to add to your current self-care routine or looking to try something different, come down to the studio, located at 1001 Main St B, in Kindersley.

By Jenny Hagan

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