School in Southeast Saskatchewan Impacted by Withdrawal of Noon-Hour Supervision Today

Educational activities in southeastern Saskatchewan will face disruptions on Friday due to job actions.

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation disclosed this week that negotiations with the provincial government have stalled.

Students in both the South East Cornerstone Public School Division and the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division will attend classes as scheduled. However, the Teachers’ Federation has planned a one-day suspension of lunchtime supervision throughout the province for Friday.

As a result, no classroom teachers will oversee the lunch period within the SECPSD on Feb. 16. Instead, supervision duties will be handled by non-teaching personnel and volunteers from the community.

South East Cornerstone has requested that parents, if feasible, make arrangements for their children to return home during the lunch hour on this particular day. Despite alternative supervision arrangements, reducing the number of students present would assist those assuming these responsibilities.

The message on its website also highlighted the possibility of further actions by the STF affecting school operations. The Federation is expected to provide 48 hours’ notice for any forthcoming job actions. The school divisions remain optimistic about finding a solution and support the ongoing collective bargaining efforts.

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