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When summer approaches, most of us spare a thought for our furry companions who cannot shrug out of their thick coats to cool down when the weather is hot. For many dog owners, this means clipping or trimming the dog’s coat to help them to keep their cool, but this is not always the only, or even best solution for every dog.

First things first, every dog should be brushed regularly, even if they have a short, fine coat. This not only helps to remove loose hair from the coat itself, but it also stimulates the circulation, and spreads the natural coat oils from root to tip, in order to improve their weatherproofing and prevent their skin getting grubby so quickly.

If you have a dog with a double coat or very thick coat, it is the dense, soft under-layer that will be shedding the most, so it is very important to get your comb or brush right down to the root.

A lot of people clip or shave their dogs off over the summer, and for some dogs, this is a great way of keeping them cool and comfortable..

While it is natural to feel sorry for a very hairy dog that is wilting in the summer heat, sometimes clipping or shaving them can make them less able to manage the heat rather than more able. This is because just as their undercoat provides insulation against the cold, so too can it insulate against too much heat.- This is something that you should assess on a case by case basis..

As we are definitely moving into the summer season, take the time to assess your pet’s grooming needs.

A healthy coat makes a happy dog.




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