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Sonshine Kennels: Choose the Right Dog for You With These 5 Tips!

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Breed

  1. Make a Checklist
    Have I chosen a pet that will fit into my home and lifestyle?
    Do I have the financial resources to take care of a pet?
    Do I have the time to walk, groom, train and pay attention to a pet?2. Not One Size Fits All
    What size dog should you bring home? As you narrow down the type of dog that will fit best into your lifestyle, think about what size dog will fit into your home.

    3. Will Your Dog Need Training?
    Training your dog is benefit to you, the neighbors and the greater dog community. Even if you send your dog to obedience training you will still need to dedicate time to working with him on a regular basis. Some dogs also need socialization training if they are shy or skittish.

    4. Be Prepared to Pay for Veterinary Expenses
    Did you know the cost of a pet over its lifetime can cost as much as $20,000? These costs range from veterinary visits for routine vaccines and teeth cleanings to unexpected illnesses and accidents. All the little things add up, too: Microchipping, grooming, leashes, dog bowls, food, flea medication, doggie doors and a dog bed to snooze on.

    5. Do You Want a Pure-Breed Dog or a Mutt?
    Picking the right breed is easy if you do enough research. Again, take your lifestyle into consideration when picking a pet. If you have children, what animal will best suit your family’s needs?

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