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Loaves & Fishes Offering Free Turkey Dinners To Go, or Soup and Bread!

With Christmas approaching quickly, people begin to prepare for the festive occasion.

A group of volunteers gathered on at the Kindersley Christian Fellowship to make turkey dinners. The smells were intoxicating as the bird was roasted, and the dressing, potatoes, vegetables and gravy were prepared.

An assembly line was formed, take-out trays were set up row by row before each container was filled with all the fixings for a turkey dinner to go. The dinner trays were then frozen, ready to be distributed to anyone in need of a turkey dinner at Christmas time.

All the ingredients were donated by anonymous donors, whose only desire is to bless others and extend some old-fashioned goodwill to all men.

If you or someone you know needs a takeout turkey dinner or frozen homemade soup, please CALL 306-460-9304 and place your order. Please remember, the food packages are free and your frozen package can be picked up at 800 – 12th Ave. E., Kindersley.

Food safety protocols have been closely followed during the preparation.

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