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Glenda Ganzer Jones Helping Dogs Through Massage Therapy

Glenda Ganzer Jones has always had a passion for animals, and now she has been lucky enough to turn that passion into her career, by opening a dog massage therapy and kennel called Charlie’s Place.

Jones, who moved to the Kindersley area 11 years ago, has always had a vision of one day operating a kennel, often hinting to her husband that it would be a “great idea”, or “jeez it would be fun to open one”!

However, it wasn’t until a small turn of events that Jones finally took the plunge. After losing her job in the oil field and the injury of her beloved Labrador, Charlie, Jones finally revisited the idea of doing something with animals.

Having grown up around horses, she knew that massage therapy was an option to help animals and hoped it would benefit her Labrador in his recovery. So, after contacting an equine therapist in Regina and then being directed to someone in Saskatoon, she was given some information on a course where she could learn how to do dog massage.

“At first, I was a little hesitant but ended up taking the course over two years. During that time, I had to work on a bunch of dogs and was gaining a lot of experience. I was just about finished and ready to open when COVID struck. After this, I wasn’t sure what to, or if I should continue but, we had purchased a building, so we decided to get it ready while we waited for COVID to be over. So during this time, we put in kennels and build an area in the front where I could do massage.”

Jones shared that once a dog starts to heal from a serious injury that’s where she steps in—she will work on the animal’s muscles and trying to realign them. She will often watch how a dog moves or walks to gain insight into the possible injury or area that needs to be worked on. She also hopes to take additional modules that will teach her how to move an injured dog’s bones in a similar way to when a human visits a chiropractor. “I find when I work on the animal they will let me know if they don’t like something—they will often look at me funny, but I’ll also use my intuition and connect with the animal so I can give them the best care.

While not a lot of people in the area may have heard about her services, Jones hopes they will consider massage therapy as a way to help their dog(s) if the time comes.

Located six miles south of Kindersley on highway 21, turning east on Township road 282 (or the land location of 4-15-28-23), Charlie’s Place is currently available for both kennel and massage services. Kennel services are available for pick up and drop off seven days a week, while massage services are currently offered on a Tuesday to Thursday basis.

For further information, or to chat to Jones about her services, you can reach her at (306) 604-9949.

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