Barn Buddies Program

The “Barn Buddies” program was recently started because of the large amount of cats we get calls about that are found stray and need homes. We can only take in so many cats into our foster program and we’ve realized that since a good portion of these cats have been living on their own for awhile, they would most likely be happy on a farm.  From time to time we also trap feral/semi-feral cats that can’t be released back to where they were trapped, so we would also like to re-home these kinds of cats to farm homes as well.If you are interested in a cat(s) for your farm/shop, the first step is to fill out the following form.  Even if we do not currently have cats in this program, you will be put on a waiting list and will be contacted when cats come in that would suit your needs.

ADOPTION FEE:  All cats will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for ear mites, and FIV/FeLV tested before being re-homed.  We don’t have a set adoption fee for these cats, however, since vet bills aren’t cheap, we would appreciate a donation to help out with some of these costs!

By filling out the following form, you are agreeing to provide the following:

  • shelter in a shop, barn, or other suitable building that is either heated or has a heat source such as a heat lamp
  • daily food and water for the cat(s)
  • veterinary care for the cat(s) if needed

NOTE:  If you are just looking for cheap rodent control and aren’t prepared to take care of these cats properly, then please look elsewhere. These cats MUST be provided with a warm shelter and regular cat food and water (it is a fact that well fed cats that are spayed/neutered will hunt more efficiently!) You must also be willing to let a KAWS member, or someone appointed by KAWS, visit the property either prior to the adoption or at the time of adoption to make sure these necessities will be provided.

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