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KFD Practices Fighting Vehicle Fires

Hello, Cody Phinney here again with another update from the Kindersley Fire Brigade.

With summer in full swing, it has been a quiet couple of weeks for the Kindersley Fire Brigade, which is never a bad thing. Our members have been continuing to practice and train regularly out at the training grounds on the west side of town. Most recently our members have been practicing fighting vehicle fires as well trying to get some of the newer members up to speed as far as our training standards go. We’ve been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having to get out to the training grounds as much as possible.

As some of you may be aware, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency regularly posts a fire weather index online to help make people aware of how at risk their area is for a potentially high intensity fire. Unfortunately, the South-Western corner of the province, including our R.M. 290, is under extremely dry conditions once again. This means that if a fire were to start, it could spread extremely fast and be very difficult to bring under control. Any unattended fires, sparks or even a discarded cigarette can easily light a massive fire under these conditions. It is always best practice to ensure all ignition sources have been extinguished before leaving them unattended. And it is never a good idea to dispose of cigarette butts by throwing them out your car window.

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