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Curtis Ehresman To Release New Single this Month

Local musician Curtis Ehresman will soon release a new single entitled “For Today” and it will be released on all music platforms on July 23rd. The official music video will be released July 26th.

I wrote “For Today” during the weekend my song “Is It Over?” was released in February 2021. “Is It Over?” was the first single I had released in five years, and I felt very vulnerable sharing such a personal and emotional song with the world. However, once the song was released, I received an overwhelming amount of positivity, love, and support from family, friends, and fans. I felt deeply inspired, and that is how I found the creative energy to compose “For Today”.

In short, “For Today” is a progressive acoustic rock song about the choices we make in life, and regardless of where they lead us, how important it is to try and live in the moment and live for today. Time is fleeting, and each day we spend with loved ones is a blessing.

“For Today” was recorded by Paul Hillacre in Saskatoon, SK, and features bass guitar by Evan Knouse; both musicians and former residents of Kindersley.

You can listen to my music, download a free album, or pre-save the new single at www.CurtwoodBearsman.com


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