Winter Weather Still Lingering

Expect a slow start to spring for most areas in Canada, as winter still lingers on and warmer weather awaits.

According to The Weather Network’s 2023 Spring Forecast for the months of March, April, and May, Canadians may experience several more rounds of wintry weather across the country during March and even into April, resulting in temperatures that are near normal or on the cool side of normal for the season.

The primary driver of the spring weather pattern is the fading La Niña pattern in the Pacific Ocean, which has a strong influence on the jet stream pattern across the Northern Hemisphere. La Niña has been with us for the past three years, but this pattern is quickly fading now, and it appears that we could head into an El Niño pattern later this year.

A fading La Niña pattern is often associated with a sluggish spring, especially across western Canada. Additionally, a strong blocking pattern is developing over the Arctic, and the polar vortex is expected to be more displaced than normal during the first half of the season. This combination should deliver colder than normal temperatures at times during March and into April.

The Prairies are one area that will be closely monitored, especially since parts of the region are experiencing a multi-year drought. Receiving adequate spring precipitation across this region will be critical to a successful agricultural season.

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